Epoxy Brush Coating

The methodology involves applying epoxy resin on the interior of the pipe to seal cracks, hole and other deficiencies. This repair method is supervised with a CCTV drain camera throughout the whole process.

The steps to repair a pipe without excavation (no-dig) is as follows:

The suspected pipe is initially inspected using CCTV Drain Camera until the problem is identified. The pipe is then cleaned and prepared (grinded, sanded).

Next we apply the epoxy sealant on the problematic sections of the pipe, essentially creating a new pipe inside the existing one !
This procedure usually requires less time, money and of course no digging and damage to your property. We are able to offer repair for the following pipes with a diameter of 1.5 '' to 8 '' (inches): -Sewer pipes -Hydro pipes -Supply pipes -Rainwater pipes

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