Trenchless pipe repairs

Trenchless pipe repair in simpler terms implies repairing a pipe without excavation or any destructive means (trenchless pipe rehabilitation). We mainly use two methods:
-For less critical repairs we can apply 'Epoxy Brush Coating' on the interior of the pipe. With this method we build a new layer withing the pipe.
-When the damage on the actual pipe to be repaired needs additional mechanical support we offer a different trenchless pipe rehabilitation method that of CIPP Lining or pipe lining (Cured In Place Pipe). With this method an epoxy saturated liner is inserted in the pipe host as a pipe patch repair or with the use of an inversion drum to reach greater lengths.

L.E.T specialises and has years of experience in drain and rainwater pipes and uses the two following methodologies in everyday basis (diameter from 1.5 '' to 12 '' (inches).We are also up to date with other existing technologies in this sector as it is very vast and consider alternative technologies according to each customer project and needs. Therefore, we continuously improve and upgrade our know-how, expertise and services.
The methods we use, can repair all the conventional materials used in such applications (PVC, iron, HDPE, stainless steel, cement).